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What to Do & Not Do When Pressure Washing Brick Atlanta , GA
A specialist performing professional brick wall pressure washing.

Many homeowners assume that because brick is a solid exterior for their home, they can safely pressure wash it. Call the professionals at Pressure Washing Force to ensure your home’s brick exterior is cleaned correctly without the possibility of mortar destruction or brick delamination.

Science Direct describes “brick delamination” as “a separation along a plane parallel to a surface, as in the separation of a coating from a substrate or the layers of a coating.”

Garden Guides offers that brick delamination is “a situation in which a brick wall or structure begins to fall apart in layers, is a troublesome malady of many buildings. Although brick delamination primarily affects old and undermaintained structures, homeowners are sometimes surprised to find that even relatively newer brick homes are at risk.”

Using too much pressure or a dangerous cleaning substance on your home’s brick exterior can cause severe damage to the protective coating added to the brick. If the mortar is damaged, it might require expensive repointing, as Bob Vila discusses in a This Old House segment.

Typically, the average lifespan for brick mortar is 20-30 years. However, misusing a pressure wash or a harsh cleanser can cause severe damage to mortar within a few years. Damaged mortar can allow water to get behind the brick, which will eventually cause bowing or bulging.

Some Safe Pressure Washing Tips

It is wise to use a professional pressure washing company to clean your brick to save time and money long-term. However, if you think you will save money DIY, here are some pressure washing tips you can use.

Do use safe and green cleaning products like baking soda, a vinegar/water mixture, Oxy Foaming Action or Simple Green. These products are safe for the environment, pets and plants when used properly.

Remember, the safest option is calling Pressure Washing Force to expertly handle this chore.

Good to Know Don’ts for Pressure Washing Brick

First of all, pressure washing your home’s exterior, regardless of the material, should be done by trained professionals. There is just too much that can go wrong for the novice pressure washer.

Don’t use muriatic acid on brick. No matter who tells you this is an effective method to clean brick, it’s false. Don’t use anything with ammonia in it, drain or oven cleaners, power tools or wire brushes to clean brick and mortar.

Aside from the possible damage to the brick’s coating and mortar, pressure washing can break out windows, damage shutters and paint. What’s more, pets and plants could get sick or even die when they ingest a harsh cleanser.

The highly-trained professionals at Pressure Washing Force know what cleaners to use and how to protect your plants and pets while cleaning.

Ensure Top-Notch Professional Results Every Time with Pressure Washing Force

Sure, you might save a few dollars right away by buying or renting a pressure washer to DIY; but eventually, it will cost much more. Contact Pressure Washing Force to clean your home’s brick exterior to save money long-term and protect your investment.

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