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A specialist performing professional sandblasting.

Sandblasting Specialists Serving the Atlanta Metro Area

Sandblasting is a quick and cost-effective way to make all kinds of surfaces look like new again. If you have projects sitting around your Atlanta-area home or business that could be brought back to life with some TLC, Pressure Washing Force offers traditional or dustless sandblasting services. High-pressure air delivers sand, glass or soda in a controlled manner to remove paint, rust, grime, graffiti and more from almost any surface.

Don’t waste your valuable time and risk your health with endless scraping, sanding and harmful chemical strippers and cleaners. A faster and cleaner solution is available. You don’t need to worry about transporting your project to another location. Pressure Washing Force brings all the equipment needed to perform professional-grade sandblasting for almost any application.

We also offer dustless sandblasting for a cleaner and safer alternative. By combining water with the blasting medium, we prevent huge clouds of dust from filling the air and settling on every nearby surface. Water also contains the blasted material, preventing it from harming the environment. Dustless sandblasting is 100 percent eco-friendly and uses no chemicals or detergents. Traditional or dust-free, our sandblasting services can rejuvenate almost any surface.

Paint Removal for Concrete Surfaces and Brick Homes

One of the most stubborn materials to remove is old paint. Meant to last for years, weather, sun and age can almost embed paint into brick or concrete, making it virtually permanent. Sandblasting with sand, glass or soda can dig into cracks and crevices, cleaning away old, hardened paint until the surface is completely clean.

Don’t risk damaging your concrete or brick surfaces with chemical removers, scraping or wire brushing when a safer, faster and better alternative is available. Pressure Washing Force brings mobile sandblasting equipment to your project site anywhere in the Atlanta metro or surrounding areas. With traditional or dustless options available, your items or surfaces will look new again, and be ready for new use.

Sandblast Pools and Commercial and Industrial Surfaces

Is the paint or plaster around your pool flaking away and looking worn? These cracks and flakes can even become a health hazard, posing a risk for injury to those who enjoy your pool. We can sandblast away old, flaking plaster or paint to reveal a clean surface for a new look. Instead of spending your summer scraping away around your pool, enjoy that time in the pool with your family after quick and clean sandblasting reveals a like-new surface.

Almost any industrial and commercial surface can be sandblasted to clean away grease, rust, corrosion, paint, epoxy, polyurethane or other substances. Clean important work bays by blasting away accumulated oil and grease. Scour parking or dumpster pads for a cleaner, safer appearance. Refurbish grimy storage tanks to like-new condition. Remove graffiti from almost any surface. Erase old parking lot lines and signs in preparation for new applications. The list of possible uses goes on and on.

Pressure Washing Force brings traditional or dustless sandblasting equipment to your site for convenience and speed. You choose which method best serves your needs and desires and we will get to work on your project. Our professional sandblasters know the right medium and techniques to use to refurbish almost any residential, commercial or industrial surface.

Refurbish Atlanta Surfaces with Traditional or Dustless Sandblasting

Pressure Washing Force is your team of Atlanta sandblasting specialists, offering traditional or dustless sandblasting for almost any surface or application. Remove stubborn paint, grease, grime, stains and more, leaving your surfaces clean and new again. Spend your valuable time enjoying other pursuits while our talented and skilled team handles your surface rehabilitation needs.

Call us or send a message online for a quote. Traditional or dustless sandblasting can handle the toughest jobs, and our teams love a challenge! Contact us today to discuss your project and schedule services throughout the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas.

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Pressure Washing Force offers consumers experienced pressure washing and sandblasting services to the entire Atlanta metro area. We have significant expertise of all things pressure washing and sandblasting and we have cleaned just about every imaginable surface. You can count on us to know what to do and what not to do when pressure washing or sandblasting surfaces to prevent damage. Please call Pressure Washing Force today to schedule a consultation or receive a quote on your project.