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The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Dustless Sandblasting Atlanta , GA
cleaning the terrace with a pressure washer

Water sprayed with force can clean away dirt and grime from surfaces. Pressure washing is gentle enough to use on most surfaces, but it can also clean away fungus, mildew stains, and many other surface debris. Dustless sandblasting also uses pressurized water to clean surfaces, but it can remove much more than a layer of dirt. Here are some of the differences between pressure washing and dustless sandblasting.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Most people are familiar with pressure washing, also called power washing. This cleaning method uses high-pressure water to clean concrete, asphalt, siding, brick, roofs, wood, and other surfaces. Power washing does not require chemicals to clean away fungus, dirt, mildew, oil, and other stains or grime on surfaces, making it safer for your property and the environment.

While pressure washing is very effective at cleaning, it is not great for stripping away paint, rust, or accumulated dirt. When you need a stripping method, you may want to consider sandblasting. Dustless sandblasting is a cleaner option, which we offer at Pressure Washing Force.

What Is Dustless Sandblasting?

Sandblasting uses an abrasive at high pressure to strip metals and other surfaces, but it also makes a cloud of dust that can make a mess and impact the environment. Dustless sandblasting is a hybrid between sandblasting and pressure washing, combined high-pressure washer with an abrasive. This eliminates the mess and dust cloud associated with sandblasting – the debris removed mixes with the water and is easily cleaned away.

Dustless sandblasting can be used on many of the same surface materials as pressure washing. It is gentler than sandblasting, so it can be used on wood and other softer materials. However, because of the abrasive it contains, it can strip away paint, rust, and other tough-to-remove substances. Dustless sandblasting can be used for the following projects:

  • Stripping away paint or stain on decks or fences
  • Removing paint from metal
  • Grease or oil from asphalt
  • Cleaning brick
  • Cleaning boats
  • Removing graffiti
  • Restoring old furniture
  • Cleaning industrial equipment
  • Cleaning swimming pools

Pressure washing is a great tool when you only need to clean your exterior surfaces. When you need to strip away applied sealants, paints, stains, or thicker grime, dustless sandblasting is a better choice. Both can be used for commercial or residential projects and provide eco-friendly options for cleaning many types of surfaces.

At Pressure Washing Force, we offer both pressure washing and dustless sandblasting for cleaning and stripping metal, wood, brick, siding, concrete, and much more. Our crews use professional equipment and the best techniques to remove dirt, mildew, stains, paints, and much more without damaging your surfaces. We serve businesses, homeowners, government offices, and HOAs in the greater Atlanta, GA, area. To learn more about pressure washing or dustless sandblasting, or to schedule our services, call our office in Atlanta.

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