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Heavy Equipment Washing and Degreasing Atlanta , GA
Heavy Equipment

Have you seen the prices on heavy equipment lately? It makes one really appreciate the equipment you already have.

To protect your investment and livelihood, it is important to clean your heavy equipment regularly. Usually, heavy equipment is washed for maintenance and preventive breakdown, but there is a plus side – company branding and appearance is improved with nicer-looking equipment.


Cleaning your equipment can be a long, laborious task if not done properly. Different types of grease require their own tactics for removal.

Fresh and soft grease is easiest, as long as it is not mixed with any dirt. Should grease become mixed with dirt and other contaminants, the challenge to remove it increases.

Aged and hard grease mixed with grime are the most difficult to remove and require a very strong degreaser to soften and remove.

Areas that Need Attention

Keeping moving joints clean makes them easier to grease. Heavy equipment needs frequent greasing, so the job will be easier if the equipment is kept clean. Keeping hydraulic lines clean aids in finding leaks and worn out lines.

Machines use quite a bit of fuel and need frequent refueling. Having a clean fuel tank cap prevents contaminants from going into the fuel tank.

The most important part of your equipment is its engine bay. A dirty motor causes an engine to run hot and wear out prematurely. Additionally, a clean area helps in noticing engine leaks and their origins. Repairs can be made before they are a bigger problem.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning requires a hot water pressure washer and training. A professional will hot pressure wash while streaming a degreaser or truck washing soap. This will begin to emulsify the fresh and soft grease and some of the grease mixed with dirt. A professional will also know the particular areas that need extra attention.

Next, a strong degreaser in a chemical sprayer is applied and allowed to set for at least 15 minutes. A hot wash completes the chore for a final clean.

The professional may then give the heavy equipment a showroom clean by a two-step process of acid followed by an alkaline soap and then the application of a high gloss wax finish. This will give the appearance of a brand new machine.

Keep Your Tools Up

Regardless of the type of heavy equipment, your projects will have better results when your tools are well-maintained. Your business will look professional with clean equipment that will add value to your brand. Call Pressure Washing Force at 678-636-0021 today to work professional cleaning into your busy schedule.

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