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Do You Have Roof Fungus? Atlanta , GA
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Your roof is the number one defense against water infiltration. Roofs are also expensive, so keeping it in good condition is important. Unfortunately, the elements don’t always cooperate, and you can find yourself with unsightly growths on your roof. Their unattractive features aren’t the real problem. Those growths are likely fungus, and fungus brings the risk of significant roof and home damage.

What Is Roof Fungus?

Roof fungus is not a single thing. It is a collection of different living organisms that cling to your roof. Like any living thing, it grows. But instead of growing up, fungus spreads. With the right conditions, it spreads very quickly. There are four common types of organisms that attack roofs.

Dark green in color, algae thrive in damp environments, so shaded roof areas are one of their favorite spots. They don’t look dangerous, but they pull the roof’s protective coatings away. Those wet areas end up unprotected, allowing water to seep under the shingles and into your home.

Lichen is a combination of fungus and algae, and it is incredibly difficult to remove. Like algae, they strip the protective layer from your roof, leaving your home exposed to the elements.

Mold and Mildew
Mold and mildew are fast spreaders and can quickly lead to shingle failure. They can easily infiltrate the attic, walls and ceilings of a home. Both can trigger allergies, but mold can be especially dangerous and create an indoor health hazard.

Moss is technically a plant. Often part of a “green” or “living” roof, it doesn’t mean it should be sitting on your shingles. Green roofs require special preparation. Moss holds a lot of moisture, and it can rot away your roofing.

Professional Fungus Removal

Deteriorating shingles and roof rot are not something a homeowner wants. However, removing fungus is best left to the professionals. Using specialty equipment that will remove the fungus without harming the roof takes knowledge and training. The skilled technicians at Pressure Washing Force can safely remove fungus from your roof. Contact us today and save your roof from fungus damage.

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