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Cleaning Your Gas Station Atlanta , GA
Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Gaining customer loyalty is one way to improve gas station profits. Competition between gas stations can be intense. If your business is busy, there is a constant need for cleaning. It is not easy to manage. Customers prefer clean places. You may be up on the interior of your gas station, but have you looked at the exterior? Pay attention to regular cleaning of your gas station’s exterior to attract repeat customers.

Who Does What?

Most gas station employees are not equipped to care for the whole exterior of your establishment. They may pick up loose trash, change the trash bins, clean the pump handles and some may even wash the exterior windows, but that is about it.

You may have a landscaper that takes care of the shrubs and grass and they may also clear off the curb and gutter line. The hard surfaces of your exterior need care, too. Pressure Washing Force has the equipment and the trained staff to handle cleaning your exterior hard surfaces.

Include Exterior Maintenance

Monthly, semi-annual and annual cleaning plans for the exterior of your gas station should include attention to the following areas:

Sidewalks and Walkways
Concrete is challenging to clean. Sidewalks and walkways benefit from regular cleanings. Unsealed concrete is porous and easily absorbs soils and liquids. Gum grease and stains do not make a good impression.
Around the Pumps
Gas pump concrete pads and the areas around your pumps are ripe with oil and spilled fuel. That oil and fuel sticks to the bottom of shoes and gets tracked everywhere. This includes not only your gas station’s floors, but also the floors of your customer’s automobiles. A power washer with hot water and special cleaners are necessary to clean those tough areas.
Dumpster Pads
Dumpsters are an eyesore. They smell, grow bacteria and attract bugs and rodents. Routine pressure washing is essential to reduce unpleasant odors and keep these areas sanitary.

Cleaning is Constant

Cleaning your gas station is a constant chore. The more successful your business, the more mess you have to manage. Attract repeat patronage with a reputation for being clean. Call and schedule your routine exterior cleaning from Pressure Washing Force today.

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